“Keep on Keeping on” – My Journey with CVS

“Keep on keeping on,”

A very good friend of mine once wrote that quote in my journal one summer while I wasn’t looking and it has always stuck with me since I saw her words written there. Perseverance is a necessary trait for someone like me, someone who strives to be a fully functioning adult, despite having a debilitating chronic condition since I was a small child. Not only is it chronic (it keeps rearing it’s ugly head and dragging me down) but my disease is also ‘invisible’, meaning you’ll almost never notice when I’m sick around you. When I was five years old both my identical twin sister and I were diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Since then my life has been somewhat of a roller coaster, with lots of setbacks due to my illness.

To give you a quick summary of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS for short): it’s mostly a pediatric disease characterized by unexplained nausea and episodes of profuse vomiting every five minutes of so, only stopped by a trip to the Emergency Room. Most people tend to ‘grow out’ of it, while some (including me) still continue to suffer into adulthood.

If you would like to do some more reading on my rare disease here is the official association’s website.

“But you don’t look sick…?” Don’t let appearances fool you CVS looks like, well, nothing! But appearances can be deceiving and living with this condition has been no easy task. While I was dealing with almost constant nausea in the last few years, I had to switch out of a normal high school to be basically home schooled, along with continually having to drop college classes. I finally decided to get the ball rolling with getting disability, as I’m unable to work with this illness being so bad. In addition, as a result of living with a chronic illness I deal with severe depression and anxiety. My mom basically works as a caregiver for my twin sister and I already with our conditions being so bad.

Despite all of this I will keep taking life one day at a time. Above all I know that no matter what happens I just have to “keep on keeping on” and everything will be alright.


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